Anax is our first serious app and it is a pocket Atlas for your Android. It uses a combination of GPS and Google Maps, and so your phone will need internet access and GPS capability. We do not recommend it for tablets for this reason.

You can find your location on the map, save it, and call that location up again wherever else you are. In addition you can manually input decimal co-ordinates via the app and save them.

You can use Google Mobile Maps in the normal way through the browser window in which they appear and the app incorporates a direction finder which uses the magnetometer in your phone to orient itself along an eight point compass. The screen be locked unscrollable or unlocked to be scrollable, when in the latter you can use the extended controls and when in the former you can scroll through the map window.

The rate of refresh of the map depends on the speed of your internet connection. Under most circumstances it should be quite quick., but on a slow wi-fi it can take several seconds.

Anax unlock screen
Anax controls

There are four of these, or five if you count the picture of the bust of Anaximander at the bottom of the screen.

If you click Delete a Location, the list of locations will come up. If you tap one, you will see this:


If you click yes then the location will be removed from your list. If you click no, it will remain. All locations can be deleted at one go by clicking the Delete All Locations button.

The other two allow you to input known co-ordinates without being in that location. You can input either to show, or to show and save, the buttons for that being Manual GPS and Input/Save respectively. If you click Input/Save you will be invited to give the location a name as above. In both cases, a text box for latitude and longitude input will appear:

Simply type in your decimal co-ordinates and click the Input button, the location will be shown in the map window and saved to your list (if you chose Input/Save).

Really that's all there is to it. A nice and simple pocket Atlas at a bargain price. What happens if you press on Anaximander?