Yikes! The BBC micro:bit is coming! Here at Lang Towers we are going through it with a fine toothcomb using Microsoft Blocks Editor and Python. What we've got so far is about twenty pages and here's the link:









The quest against spelling, my own stupidity and typographical errors goes on; the site has now reached nearly 700 pages (it's the microbit again!) and it's quite a task but they're being ground down.





Being an IT technician is murder since it's long hours and hassle all the way. Still, I've put a couple of projects on Dirty Hands and a couple on the Arduino section as well as doing a bit more on both the Robot and Solar Power stuff.  The robot section now has an article on making a Braitenberg Vehicle with the fewest possible components you can.

Braitenberg Vehicle

In addition to all that stuff over there I'm learning to make Android apps using MIT's App Inventor 2. The intention is to get a bluetooth controlled robot.


Look out for a couple of simple apps coming soon. As soon as we've done the Microbit stuff. It's taken over the building!!