Mathematics is an inevitable chore when studying electronics. In the days of the electronic calculator some of the legwork has been taken out of it, but it is no good having an electronic calculator if you do not know how to work out the basic operands. This page is an attempt to redress the balance. It starts out with some very basic mathematics and goes on to more advanced stuff. Click a button on the left commensurate with your level. Red ones are considered pre-GCSE level, amber up to GCSE, green post GCSE and gold ones are applied mathematics which you may find come in handy in your projects or your studies.


You may wonder why, if you wish to do electronics, you have to know about things like the area of circles or angles. Well, if you make prototypes you need to know how you're going to enclose them, for one thing. Angles are of supreme importance when you come to analysing waveforms and the omnipresence of Pythagoras in many analytical tools renders a mastery of that theorem a vitality. if you wish to do anything with motors, you will need to know about circles and angular frequency. If you wish to work with radios you will need to know about sine waves, frequencies and wavelengths. the aim here is to take even those without a primary school grounding in mathematics and get to a standard where, if not to university level, you will be a competent and confident technician.

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Applied Maths Section is Below.

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