A Level Electronics

In the last few years, a fairly new A level, that was not offered at school or college when I went, has arisen. This is A Level Electronics. I have five A levels but this is not one of them.


A levels are much less practically based and much more academically inclined than are BTEC and City and Guilds and are designed with direct University entrance in mind. Many are now insisting on A Level Electronics for courses such as applied physics or engineering; many more want it as a subsidiary A Level for Design.


With this in mind, I have perused the various units of AQA A Level Electronics and I have to say they are quite hard. So using June 2011 specimen paper as a template, I have devised a short course in methods of answering the demands of the papers. Click on the buttons below to see my answers and the reasoning behind them.


Those of you that aren't doing A-level but do need a grounding in electronics may benefit too. The answers are checked against a mark scheme and found to be entirely correct and the reasons are fully explained.


The questions are set by AQA.

U1-Introductory Electronics Go Back U2-Further Electronics U4-PLC Systems U5-Communications