About This Website

This website began life as a response to BTEC Advanced Level 3, which in the third assessment asks you to imagine you are writing web pages. "Why imagine?" I thought. If I really write some web pages, I'll know what's possible and what's not and won't make any glaring errors.


It took about 1% of the space available on the server, and so on completion of the course I decided to use the site as a big electronic notebook that anybody could read in the hope that other people as well as me might find it useful. First I put on stuff that would be handy for D&T, BTEC and City and Guilds students, as well as things that people with an interest in electronics might find useful. Twenty months later it's snowballed into now nearly 400 pages with a load of stuff about Arduino and more to come.



Future topics that have nothing to do with Arduino (it's taken over the building!!!!)  are to include hydro-electric power, more on the tools section which is currently looking a bit underpopulated, and, if I can get on with it, some more projects in the Dirty Hands section which has been neglected a bit lately in favour of the Arduino stuff. There'll also be a few additions to the fundamentals and maths sections in coming weeks, and a section about mechanicals when I can get the drawings done.


If you want to contribute an article, send it to me along with any pictures etc you use. There's loads of space left on this website, and so any I receive I'll put up in a new section.


Thank you for reading the website, and I hope you find it informative, helpful and in places amusing too.