Arduino One

Recently Arduino have introduced a new IDE to replace the 23 version. It is called the Arduino One. Graphically it is significantly different. Here's what it looks like:

The top toolbar, from left to right, is now:


Verify, upload, new, open and save.


The Serial monitor has moved to the top right hand corner and the tab controller has moved underneath it. In the bottom right hand corner is a handy little piece of text telling you what port you are currently linked to.


The file extension has changed from .pde to .ino and although the One will open .pde 23 will not open .ino.


A progress bar is shown when uploading.


There are also some changes to serial communications. For a full spec of the release, look here:





This should have no real impact on any previous code you have written; I've found nothing in it to worry me yet.

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