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Very long topic!

Visual Basic 2010

Very long topic!

Below are some ideas I've come up with for making stuff with your Arduino using parts sourced from Oomlout, Maplin and elsewhere that don't come supplied with your ARDX .

Green ones are completed, red ones are ongoing.

If you follow them in order it creates a structured learning path.


The ARDX Arduino Experimentation Kit From Oomlout.com

For those of you wishing to learn how microcontrollers work I sincerely doubt there is a better source than the ARDX from Oomlout. You really do get all the stuff shown in the picture below which even without the Arduino Board would be a good few pounds worth of bits; servo motors (1 included) are not cheap. Plus, I'm really impressed with Oomlout. They're prompt, dilligent, reasonably priced and yet to make an error and they seem to enjoy what they're doing and do it very well.

A direct link to the ARDX from Oomlaut is above. Check out the rest of their products too.

The heart of the kit is the Arduino Uno board. This is the latest addition to the family and is to be the benchmark for all future developments. It works on power derived from the USB port or by a 9V battery (I've tested it and it really does) and is programmed by its own software which you download and install. It communicates via the USB port.

The kit contains an acrylic holder onto which you screw the board and to the left you stick a supplied breadboard, making an amazingly compact little laboratory. It fits into its own plastic box, along with dozens of components.

Mine came with a dozen each of red and green standard LEDs, one 10mm blue LED, 75 assorted jump wires of good quality, 30 560R

resistors, six 100k  and 2k2 resistors, three 1N4001 diodes, a TDK piezo buzzer, a TMP36 thermistor, a DPDT relay, three tactile switches, a mini-potentiometer, a shift register IC (74HC595), three transistors, an LDR, a motor, a servo-motor, some headers, a 9V adaptor and a USB A to B cable. Quite a haul for £59, and they delivered when they said they would.

It gets better. There's a book containing 11 circuits for experimenters to create covering lights, sound and motor control, as well as manual and environmental inputs.  It's those last we're going to be concerned with here. On the left you'll find the circuits reviewed, analysed and generally messed about with with a view to explaining and expanding. Click on the relevant button.

Arduino Uno Details CIRC-01

Oomlout's Circuits:

Go Back CIRC-02 CIRC-03 Observations CIRC-04 CIRC-05 CIRC-06 CIRC-07 CIRC-08 CIRC-09 CIRC-10 CIRC-11

The following are a series of working devices you can make using your ARDX kit and no extra parts.

Electronic Dice Interval Timer Minigambler A Noise Meter Segment LED Driver Egg Timer Digital Clock 1 Digital Clock 2 LCD Control LCD Fruit Machine Digital Thermometer Adding a Speaker Radio Control Perimeter Alarm Binary & Bitwise LED Matrix 1 LED Matrix 2 LED Matrix 3 Touch Switch Shields Keypad Keypad Alarm Keypad & Servo BOB the Bot Touchless Switch Computer Control

Visual Basic 2010

Arduino Out to PC Messing with IR Real Time Clock RC Car Hack

Generally Messing About.


In which some things one has professed about herein are put to purposes of no practical use whatsoever.  Quite fun though.

The Meccanoid Thumb Joystick Motor Control SD Logging Force-Sensitive Resistor Simple Message Board Board to Board Com Easy RC More Wireless XBee 1 Shields Arduino One Making It Talk PIR Sensor System Developing Stamp Plot RGB LEDs String Handling 5110 LCD Space Invaders 5110 Thermometer Arduino Logic
Robot Arm Hack
More VB

Visual Basic 2010

Android/Bluetooth MP3 Shield Smoke Alarm Shield Distance Sensor Simple Motor Driver Flame Detector Water Sensor