Small capacitor markings are as follows:

Capacitor Code Crib Sheet


Xc = 1/(2      fC)

C is expressed in Farads, f in Hertz and Xc in ohms

For a 10 microfarad capacitor at 1000 Hertz  reactance is 15.92 ohms and at 500 Hz 31.85

A 0.1 microfarad capacitor at 1000Hz  = 1592.36 ohms and 3184.71 ohms.


10 microfarad at 60 Hz is 265.4 ohms, 1 microfarad is 2653.9 ohms and 0.1 is 26539 ohms.



As frequency goes up reactance goes down, and the smaller the capacitor the more reactance for a given frequency.