Crib Sheet for the RF Spectrum

Broad Groupings

Broad Groupings Sub - Division

Frequencies and Wavelengths

For VLF the min of approximately 15 kHz is given as radio waves do not propogate much under this. C is given as 300,000,000 m/s but more accurately could be given as 299,792,458 m/s.

Wavelength l = speed of light C divided by frequency f   :        


l  = C / f

UK TV Aerial Groups

In the United Kingdom analogue frequencies are given a channel number more usually than a frequency. If you need the frequency, it's given by the equation:


fvis= 8n + 303.25


Where fvis is the frequency of the visual carrier and n is the channel number. Then you take off the 0.25


For digital the equation is:


fmux= 8n + 306


where fmux is the centre frequency of the multiplex band you're trying to get.

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