These pages contain stuff that isn't required for the last assessment in BTEC but do have resources that I wished I could find more easily when I did the course and when I'm building stuff. On the left you'll find theoretical concerns expressed in plain English and Dirty Hands is the part where I let rip with some practical electronics! For those of us who find maths a chore rather than a pleasure, the maths primer goes from the most basic level onwards and hopefully should help you get a feel for the operations you will need in electrical and electronic calculations.


Electricity even at quite low voltages can be dangerous. Don't be tempted to mess about with it and remember the golden rule- if you don't know what you're doing leave it alone until you do. DO NOT mess about with mains electricity as it will kill you.


All the circuits and other stuff on here have been built and tested and they work perfectly well. If you follow the guidelines then all should be well. If you don't, don't come shouting at me when your curtains are on fire or you've electrocuted the cat.

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Dirty Hands is still under construction and gets a new circuit or kit hack put on it approximately every whenever I get round to it.

Usually there's a couple materialise once in  six weeks or so.

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