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Visual Basic is a programming utility that has been around since the early 1990s and Microsoft provide an express version for free. The 2013 Version will run only on Windows 8 and nothing previously, the 2012 version runs on Windows 7 SP1 and upwards, and 2010 runs on XP and Vista which is consequently why the first of these tuts is in 2010 (must upgrade soon). VB is backwards compatible and so one written in 2010 will run in 2012 but not the other way round. If you want to, you can buy unfettered professional editions of the software too.


Visual Basic allows you to design, code and install your own Windows applications which then run on Windows like any other piece of software. It has the capacity to interact with Windows, your drives, any external devices sending to or receiving from the USB port of your computer and it has multi-media capabilities. As time and circumstance permit I'll be cranking out some VB apps and posting on here how to make them.


Now let's talk about Mr Gove, who is the Secretary of State for Education in the UK. Mr Gove wants all children to learn at least one foreign language. He also wants them to be good at maths. He also wants them to be able to "do" electronics, and above all they've all got to learn to program. I LIKE Mr Gove. My wife, who is a teacher, hates him.


Well, c'mon over here Mr Gove, because the kids will be learning at school on Raspberry Pis. We can get them at home too, by teaching them Visual Basic (and Arduino C). We've got a maths section that'll get the little blighters well past GCSE and up to Lower Sixth, and we might even chuck in a bit of French and German,  n'est-ce pas?  Alles gutes.  


Where was I? Oh yes, VB projects. Here they are (if they're in red they're still being written up) :


1                                                    2                                             3






2010 and 2013 can be downloaded from Microsoft and the above link takes you to their website for it. You'll also need NET Framework 4.5.1

For some reason, Microsoft have dumped VB 2012 and don't offer it any more except for the Windows phone version.

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If you have an Arduino, there's some more VB projects on the Arduino section of this site that link your Arduino to your PC through custom-made interfaces.

ianlangelectronic.webeden.co.uk/#/ardxhome/4554715082 Simple MP3 Player Internet TV Player Internet Radio Player